Showing You How to Save a Life

Protect Your Loved Ones by Taking Part in Our First Aid Courses

Thanks to our thorough and in-depth first aid courses, you’ll learn the skills and expertise it takes to save someone’s life. At Essex First Aid Training Services, we provide a specialist range of courses, such as emergency and paediatric first aid training. Whether you’re looking to take part in a one-day course, or a training scheme that lasts for three days, look no further than our highly skilled team to show you what it takes. Essex First Aid Training Services can deliver bespoke courses which will include scenarios applicable to your workplace or personal situation.

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Emergency Paediatric Course 


For those who work closely with children, it is essential to have an understanding of paediatric first aid in case of an emergency. Lasting a total of six hours, you’ll gain a level-three award showing that you have undergone specialist training. Learning a collection of life support skills and how to deal with everyday accidents, this module is ideal for:

Parents – Relatives – Grandparents – Childminders

£60.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

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Two-Day Paediatric Course


Further develop and enhance your skills to be able to save the life of a child in a catastrophic incident. Thanks to this course, you’ll gain the knowledge it takes to handle everyday accidents, injuries, and illnesses, as well as how to save a life when required. You’ll also gain a level-three award to show that you have undergone this training. Spread over two days, this Ofsted Approved 12-hour course is perfect for those who work in:

Nurseries – Childcare – Schools – Healthcare

£90.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

emergency first aid at work (EFAW)


Most companies are required to have a certain number of employees who are trained in first aid within the workplace. During this six-hour course, our experts cover a range of life-saving skills. You’ll be trained on how to save someone’s life within an emergency situation at your place of work. Once completed, you will gain a level two award.

£90.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

3 day first aid at work (FAW)


First aid programmes allow your company to tailor training within the workplace. Offering a three-day course, the dedicated professionals at Essex First Aid Training Services are on hand to teach you how to save the life of one of your colleagues. Combining practical approaches with in-depth theory, we cover the basic first aid it requires to save someone’s life. During the three-day course, which lasts a total of 18 hours, you’ll receive a level-three certificate which shows you are fully compliant and capable. Thanks to our services, we ensure that all employees who participate are fully trained and certificated.

£120.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

2 day refresher in first aid at work (RFAW)

For those who have already taken part in the initial course, it is essential to keep up to date with the module to ensure that your certificate does not run out. With certifications lasting for three years, you must arrange a refresher course before it is due to expire. As well as refreshing your knowledge, this course ensures that you are well informed about new regulations. If you let your certificate pass the expiry date, you will need to sit the full three-day course again, meaning that you will not be eligible for the 12-hour refresher course.

£180.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)


As a legal requirement, all Lorry, Bus, and coach drivers must partake in the CPC First Aid Course. This course is approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) to meet Driver CPC training (certificate of Professional Competence) requirements for professional drivers of large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

The course counts towards seven hours of the required 35 hours training and provides you with the skills and confidence needed to administer First Aid in emergency situations while on the road.

£60.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

Annual refresher for First aid at work (FAW)

This 4 hour course will briefly go over the contents of the First aid at work course. Health and safety executives (HSE) recommend this is done to keep up with the skills you have learned and learn any new updates.

£40.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

This is a 3 hour course. It will cover unconscious and breathing, unconscious and not breathing, CPR, and how use an AED safely and efficiently.

£75.00 per person (prices are negotiable for groups)

Courses can be tailored to suit your needs. Delivered to you at your home or business address.